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Assistance Registration Form

On /r/Assistance you can ask for any assistance you require. However, if you want to make monetary or material requests, you need to meet certain criteria and register on this form. We require you to supply some information about yourself and your situation.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and is only visible to the moderators of /r/Assistance!

Before you start

1 Make sure you've read and understood our subreddit rules.
2 To make monetary or material requests, your Reddit account needs to be older than 60 days.
3 You can only ask for monetary or material assistance if you have more than 400 comment karma on your account.
4 You cannot request a loan, or promise that you will pay the amount back at a later time. If you want to make a loan request, try /r/borrow.
5 The moderators of /r/Assistance may at their discretion ask for additional proof of your situation in order to verify the legitimacy of your request.
6 You need to be at least 18 years old in order to register and request.
7 Since /r/Assistance is a subreddit where Redditors help other (active) Redditors, you need to have participated on Reddit regularly in at least the past two months.
8 Your account has to be in good standing. Participating in karma farming subreddits, removing large portions of your posting history and other sketchy behavior will disqualify you from posting in /r/Assistance.

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Additional information

What is your financial situation? What are your sources of income? Are you collecting other resources to get by (food stamps, stimulus, disability etc.)?

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It is against the rules to delete requests, and doing so will result in an automatic ban. This rule protects transparency in the subreddit, as well as you. Givers see deleted requests as red flags, and you may have difficulty finding help in the future. If you would like a request removed, contact the moderators.
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